"I am on a lonely road and I am traveling Traveling, traveling, traveling Looking for something, what can it be"

 I am writing a blog, or at least trying to write one. . Words are my main tool, but when it comes to writing something I feel a block and refuses to break free. So, as I tend to do every time that I feel the motion stopped, I try to learn something new that will motivate me and leads me to  action. This something new has came along – I enrolled in  a bloggers class, learning alongside many other amazing talented women, and a highly experienced and professional lecturers, in order to bring myself to write. And yet it took me two months to decide how to begin.

I set out to establish my own business after many years of working with the community. "You must publish", whispers a voice, from near and far..  And me?  Still not sure what is my new journey. Irresponsible? and without many boundaries, I set out to the journey where I decide, at least for now, what is my current destination.

So, nice to meet you, I am Irit Berebi, a coacher and a holistic guide. After many years of working with the community, mainly guiding underprivileged children and youth, I founded Perspective – a Holistic Model for Learning and Creation. I acquired academic and professional knowledge, but most important, the kind of knowledge that can be achieved and constructed only out of human encounters.

I am a traveler. Travelling all of my life. I didn't travel the world, I traveled in the inner world of dozens and hundreds of people, they and their families. From poverty to wealth, peripheral to the central, secular to religious.  All the genders, the sexual preferences, the sectors the religions and the faiths. From child birth to death bed.

Probably without noticing, I developed this feature or energy, that made everyone I met telling me everything about themselves, and I mean everyone: From a child who just began to talk, to the elderly on  his death bed, sharing with me their deepest and most heart touching insights.

In every world that I visited, I stayed sometimes long at times short , in order to learn and to try  to  understand. After many years of wondering, the puzzle had began to be put together, the many perspectives I saw in my travelling, and which were spinning in an endless circle, were beginning to slow down and stop for a moment. The moment where everything slows down for a stop, new insights are  formed and new tools obtained which  teach us to choose correctly.

So a first choice is burn out of an insight, that no matter how much I try to help people change their thought and perspective, I can't do it alone. The tools I acquired and learnt from many various teachers, and from different fields, are those who have broadened my perspective and have expended my consciousness. This insight gave life to a creation, and I decided to set up Perspective – a Cooperation of teachers and healers from the different holistic fields, guidance and consulting.

So what will my blog include? Probably a big range of subjects related to the connection between the physical and the spiritual, the scientific and the energetic. There will be old and new perspectives – That's for sure.

So that's it. This is me, and this is my blog. Now that I made this commitment here, I will be obliged to write. Keeping my blog is not an easy task, but the time has come to do it! And I end my words with the Jewish blessing of "She'echianu", a blessing said about things that arrive after a long wait.

I will see you in my next post

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