Let me introduce myself….

In knowledge lies the power to expand awareness

Irit Berebi, a professional spiritual coach, lecturer, and holistic counsellor. Creator of the Perspective method for Personal development and self-awareness.

 Blessed by deep intuitive insights, an heir of ancient North-African female mystical traditions, with an MA in education from Ben—Gurion University of the Negev, and long history of helping people to connect to their inner self and to their real vocation. Can assist you in learning about yourself, explore your conscious and even more importantly your subconscious.

By the help of traditional (dream interpretation) and modern (breathing technique etc.) instruments, combine with practical knowledge, we can jointly reach out to the messages, the Universe and your spiritual self are trying to communicate you.

The Perspective method help bring people back to their lost sense of oneness, oneness with themselves, with God and with life.

Let your innate biophilia overcome the stress imposed on us by our modern way of life.

Let me help you listen to yourself, and feel….

Irit Berebi


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